'Leveling up Kensington' is a set of illustrations dealing with the Kensington situation in 2022.
Filthy streets, drug dealing, prostitution, and violent crime: this is the reputation of Kensington, Liverpool in 2022. As these attributes have become synonymous with the L7 postcode, long-time residence of the area, represented by the Kensington Community Association, have concluded that Kensington's current state is a result of the local council’s treatment which has created a breeding ground for deprivation.
Growing up in the area, I know that the majority of my postcode neighbours transcend the rough reputation, yet it’s visibly apparent that residence are no longer proud to live here and that the local official’s lack of investment, along with the amount of cheap housing built in the area over the years have resulted in the fall of a once safe and happy community.
These illustrations are a visual plea and reminder to local officials that Kensington and areas alike have strong community potential, and are worthy and deserving of love and investment.
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